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Why it is difficult to shift from Smartphone to Basic Phone
May 21, 2023   Vikas Suhag
Be close to what you love

First we will understand the benefits and features of Basic phones

Why Nokia is again bringing a variety of new feature phones while world is moving towards 5G services.

1. They don't have access to internet, hence all your contacts and messages and notes are safe.

2. They have longer battery life and better signal strength with clear audio.

3. Quite small in size and tough on ruggedness.

Issues while using Basic Phones:

1. You are secure but disconnected from Internet.

2. They have limited contacts, SMS and call history storage.

3. Their data can't be synced for backup.

Challenge I faced on switching to Basic Phone:

1. I lost access to mobile payment apps so all transaction would be either through cash or card. Card can give an alternative to digital payments.

2. Basic phone had storage upto 250 contacts while my mobile had 550 contacts.Even if I will try to reduce the contacts, still there was need to save each and every contact manually.

3. Whatsapp is mandatory for official communication (unofficially).

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