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What is wealth in true sense ?
May 21, 2023   Vikas Suhag
It's all about choices we make

What we want to focus in our life ?

This is the story of a young boy, who is well literate, dynamic and possess a good job with six digits salary within first 3 years of his job. He always feel excited whenever his salary is increased. He is always on cloud nine, having good car, house, a pretty wife, a happy family unless he was lured by some strangers talking about crypto currency, stock market and various money making schemes. Initially he felt about his good going life. But money is something, everyone gets attracted towards it. So he also started looking for some passive income source, stock market tips, learning theories behind crypto currency and so on and off. Really what happened is, his life is totally changed and he is always busy in money minting ideas. Started moving away from family unless he realised that truth of wealth, which states that real pillars of wealth
    1. Family and friends.
    2. Health and happiness.
    3. Freedom.
So the main Crux of this short story is to invest in family, relationship, health and get the return of happiness and freedom. Money can't buy you time, happiness, peace, love, health, respect and friends.
So live a easy life everyday and fulfill your dream of happiness. In last there are beautiful quotes from Agatha Christie
    1. To every problem there is a most simple solution.
    2. What good is a money, if it can't buy happiness.
David Castain
    1. Life is not about money, it's about moments.  


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